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Posted by Jindooo on Dienstag, November 01, 2011

Jax is a strong anti-physical DPS with some powerful burst damage and magic damage to compliment his strong physical attacks. Jax also packs an area of effect stun, which can only be activated after he dodges an attack.

This Jax guide aims to be a basic and simple introduction on basic strategy that should be adopted when playing Jax, it is recommended for people just starting to use Jax.


  • Jax Equipment Mastery (Passive) Jax's passive allows him to bypass survivability based items most of the time as Jax can focus on building purely offensive and become more tanky in the process.

  • Jax Leap Strike Allows Jax to close the gap between his opponents and get out of the battle when needed, a great ability both offensively and defensively.

  • Jax Empower Adds a nuking effect to Jax's attacks and is devastating early-mid game when combined with Leap Strike.

  • Jax Counter-Strike The passive aspect of this skill increases Jax's dodge chance, while the active is Jax's area of effect stun that can be activated after dodging an attack, thus making dodge an important component to Jax. This ability is great in team fights especially if the enemy is bunched together.

  • Jax Relentless Assault (Ultimate) Grants Jax a massive attack speed and damage bonus as he attacks overtime and is great when combined with Guinsoo's Rageblade. The active aspect also allows Jax to take some magical punishment when he leaps into battle.

Ability Order

You want to level Jax's abilities as follows:
Ultimate > Empower > Leap Strike > Counter Strike

By maxing Empower first you gain incredible burst damage early-mid game, Leap Strike also adds to this burst potential and is best maxed second (also reduces the cooldown, helping you jump multiple times in fights). You want Leap Strike at level 1 for the initiating and escaping utility it provides you. Counter Strike can usually be left till last, grabbing 1 point ear;y for the increased dodge chance. If the enemy is particularly AD heavy you can max Counter Strike second for the increased dodge chance.


Red (Marks) - Attack Damage
Yellow (Seals) - Dodge
Blue (Glyphs) - Magic Resistance
Purple (Quintessences) - Attack Damage // Health

Jax scales amazingly with attack damage, making this a vital stat for him and a strong choice on Marks and Quintessences. Dodge is a must on Seals as Jax relies on dodging attacks. While magic resistance Glyphs gives you great protection from casters.

Summoner Spells

Best Summoner Spells:

Flash and Ignite are very powerful and Jax allowing him to leap and Flash around the battlefield with ease. While Ignite boosts his strong burst damage.

Other Good Summoner Spells:

Cleanse and Exhaust are also good Jax summoner spells, Cleanse allows you to debuff any stuns and exhausts that would prevent you from life-stealing and stunning the enemy. While Exhaust boosts your already powerful 1v1 presence and allows you to completely shut out physical champions.


A 21/9/0 setup gives Jax great offensive capabilities will also offering him the dodge mastery in the defense tree.

Jax deals a potent mix of physical and magical damage but does not focus on critical strikes. As such in the offensive tree you want to grab improved ability power, cooldown reduction, attack speed boost, a mix of penetrations, some attack damage and an overall damage increase.

In the defensive tree you want to grab a balance of resistances while also picking up dodge and the all important nimbleness mastery.

Item Build

Final Item Build:
-Ninja Tabi
-Guinsoo's RageBlade
-Hextech Gunblade
-Rylai's Crystal Scepter
-Banshee's Veil
-Atma's Impaler

-You want to start with a Doran's Blade, this provides you with some health, life-steal and more attack damage (on top of runes)
-On your first trip back you want to grab (or start building towards) either Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads, Ninja Tabi should be your default but on teams with lots of crowd control you should take Mercury's Treads.
-Next you want to save up for a Vampiric Scepter this gives you some more staying power and allows you to start jungling.
-Guinsoo's Rageblade is your next core item as it works very well with your ultimate.
-From here you want to build up your Hextech Gunblade, giving you powerful sustainability in lanes and in teamfights. You also want to grab a Rylai's Crystal Scepter to give you a powerful slow.
-Finishing up with a a Banshee's Veil and an Atma's Impaler gives you a great boost to your resistances while also boosting your damage due to the great synergy Atma's has with your passive.

-Guardian Angel (Allows you to revive and boosts your resistances).
-Trinity Force (Provides a little bit of everything for Jax).
-Mercury's Treads (As mentioned this is a good boot choice against crowd control teams).
-2nd Hextech Revolver (Good if teamfights are drawn out and you need more sustain).

General Jax Tips

  • When initiating a 1v1 fight, be sure to attack your enemy near minions, they will change focus to you and allow you to dodge their consistent attacks, activating your stun. This is vital if you know your enemy will not turn and fight.
  • You should use leap to get in and out of team fights, leaping to the back of the enemy and taking out their main damage dealer should be your goal.
  • Use minions to build up your Rageblade and ultimate stacks, these stacks are incredible on towers and in team fights.
  • Jax is better when your opponent fights back, you should not be running from a 1v1 fight with a physical based champion. Even in some 2v1 situations Jax's area of effect stun can allow him to win the battle.

Early Game (1-6)

  • Jax is a weak laner, be careful and concentrate on getting as many last hits as possible.
  • Level up your Counter Strike early if the lane is physical heavy.
  • Combine Empower and Leap Strike to harass your opponents.
  • Jax is a character that can't afford to fall behind, if the enemy harrassment is too much either ask for a lane swap or focus solely on staying alive.

Mid Game (7-12)

  • Jax is a very powerful mid-game champion as he packs alot of burst harassment
  • Once you build your Vampiric Scepter you can start clearing the jungle minions for extra farm.
  • Your main priority during this stage of the game should be to gank enemies that are out of position, forest when appropriate and help your team. This is vital to transition Jax into late game.

Late Game (13-18)

  • Choose carefully when to initiate, Jax is best used to flank the enemy and using Leap Strike to take out the enemies damage dealers and support champions.
  • Be aware of your position in team fights, when your stun is available position yourself to stun multiple enemies.
  • Using Leap Strike will help you chase down any fleeing champions.
  • Be sure to activate your ultimate before entering a team fight or a fight against a magic user, the bonus magic resistance will likely save your life. 
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