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Posted by Jindooo on Dienstag, November 01, 2011

Kayle is a mix between a support champion and a carry, she is capable of dishing out strong damage while also supporting her team through healing and her ultimate. She is also an incredible lane pusher and is a great asset to any team.

This Kayle guide aims to be a basic and simple introduction on basic strategy that should be adopted when playing Kayle, it is recommended for people just starting to use Kayle.


  • Kayle Holy Fervor (Passive) This allows Kayle and her team to damage targets regardless of how much resistances they have. This is very powerful as it shreds % armor/magic resistance.

  • Kayle Reckoning Allows Kayle to dish out some serious damage to enemies through the % increase to damage, it also has a strong slowing effect, allowing Kayle to gank quite effectively.

  • Kayle Divine Blessing One of Kayle's support skills, making her a great laning partner and ally during the game. It also speeds up the receiver, making a great escape mechanism for Kayle or an ally.

  • Kayle Righteous Fury This is Kayle's main ability, helping her to dish out damage from a distance and adding splash damage. This ability will always be available at maximum cooldown reduction, turning Kayle into a purely ranged damage dealer.

  • Kayle Intervention (Ultimate) The reason people want you on the team, Kayle's ultimate can turn team fights by giving an ally free run for 3 seconds at max level. This skill blocks damage so its best use is early on in a teamfight to block burst damage.

Ability Order

Generally the best way to level your abilities is:
Ult > Reckoning > Divine Blessing > Righteous Fury

Take a point in reckoning at level 1, giving you a powerful slow for any early skirmishes. A point in Divine Blessing at level 2 is usually your best bet as it provides you with some sustainability in lane. A point in Righteous Fury by level 3 also allows you to last hit and harass effectively. From here you want to max Reckoning to increase the damage bonus it offers, while Divine Blessing is best maxed second to increase your sustainability and team utility (heal is very weak at level 1 and scales well with levels but not AP). Finally you want to max Righteous Fury to boost its base and splash damage


Rune Build For Kayle

Red (Marks) - Attack Speed
Yellow (Seals) - Mana Regeneration Per Level
Blue (Glyphs) - Cooldown Reduction
Purple (Quintessences) - Attack Speed // Health

Running attack speed Marks and Quintessences gives Kayle great early game attack speed and thus damage through Righteous Fury. Mana regeneration seals are vital to maintain your mana levels especially during the laning phase. Glyphs offer some cooldown reduction, which combined with this item build and masteries will allow you to reach full cooldown reduction (40%). Alternatively you can run Health on Quintessences if you do not have attack speed available to you.

Summoner Spells

Best Summoner Spells:

Flash and Exhaust are great summoner spells on Kayle but there are many combinations that work well on her, so choose the ones that best fit your play style. Flash helps Kayle get into and out of range and Exhaust compliments her strong 1v1 presence, while also offering a great summoner spell to her team.

Other Good Summoner Spells:

Ignite is another powerful option for Kayle adding to her strong damage output.


Kayle is best played as 9/0/21, similar to a caster setup as the majority of her damage is magical.

The offensive tree offers improved Exhaust, some ability power, cooldown reduction and the very powerful 15% spell penetration.

In the utility tree you want to pick up reduced death timers, improved mana regeneration, buff duration, movement speed and more cooldown reduction.

Item Build

Final Item Build:
-Mercury's Treads
-Nashor's Tooth
-Madred's Bloodrazor
-Black Cleaver
-Hextech Gunblade

-Your first item should be a Doran's Ring, this will give you some early survivability, mana regeneration and a small AP boost.
-On your first trip back you want to build Boots of Speed eventually turning these into Mercury's Treads or Beserker's Greaves if the enemy team lacks crowd control.
-From here you'll want to build up a Malady and a Nashor's Tooth, this gives you lots of attack speed, cooldown reduction, mana regeneration, ability power and allows you to shred even more magic resistance.
-From here picking up a Madred's Bloodrazor and Hextech Gunblade are solid choices, giving you more attack speed, on-hit magical damage, with some life-steal and spell vamp.
-A great finishing item is Black Cleaver, this allows you to shred even more armor from enemies, allowing your physical carries to shred them to pieces.

-Banshee's Veil (adds survivability and is a must have on mage/stun heavy teams)
-Starks Fervor (If your team is physical heavy you can support your team by grabbing this)
-Void Staff (If you want to increase your damage output)

General Kayle Gameplay Tips

  • Timing your ultimate on the correct ally can win team fights for your team. Try to target them before they take damage rather than to save their life.
  • Not only can you heal your allies and protect them with your ultimate, you can speed up allies and slow down enemies, use all these skills together appropriately to maximise the support you offer.
  • Don't forget that you can press ALT (by default) and the appropriate skill to automatically cast it on yourself (good for casting heal and ultimate quickly.) You can also use the "Self/Smart Cast" option in League of Legends.
  • Kayle is best played as a ranged DPS support character, you should only attack via Righteous Fury and avoid melee range, this keeps you safe to support your team.
  • Always cast Reckoning first to receive the % increase in damage, the slow also ensures you get maximum attacks in.

Early Game - (Level 1-6)

  • Use Righteous Fury to farm and harass during the first few levels, combine it with Reckoning for some strong damage.
  • Use your heal sparingly as it will quickly drain your mana early game.
  • Righteous Fury can keep enemy champions away from their minions, but be careful when the minions switch their focus to you.

Mid Game - (Level 7-12)

  • You will have to start deciding whether to max Righteous Fury or Divine Blessing second, consider your lane and how the game is going as a whole, will your team benefit more from the support or do you need to deal more damage?
  • Your 1v1 damage picks up greatly around this stage once you build up some attack speed.
  • Your priority in team fights should be based around slowing enemies, healing/speeding up allies and using your ultimate when appropriate.
  • Kayle is a powerful ganking character, lead the enemy with your slow and unleash Righteous Fury on them.

Late Game - (Level 13-18)

  • At max level your ultimate has extremely low cooldown, don't be afraid to use it.
  • If nobody else on your team needs the neutral buffs, be sure to grab them. The cooldown will help if you haven't finished your Nashor's Tooth and the lizard buff is a powerful slow.
  • Push lanes by yourself when appropriate, Kayle is a strong lane pusher and tower destroyer and also has good escaping abilities. 
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