Posted by Jindooo on Montag, November 07, 2011


In order to save time in games where defeat seems unavoidable, League of Legends offers teams the option to surrender. Any player may initiate a surrender vote for his team by selecting the ‘Surrender’ option from the ‘More Options’ submenu of the main menu. You must be at least 25 minutes into the game before the surrender option becomes available.
Initiating a surrender vote will show a pop-up for 60 seconds from which players will be able to cast their vote for or against the motion. At least 70% of the team must agree to surrender in order for the vote to pass. This means that on a team of three or fewer players, the entire team must agree. Any player who abstains from the vote is counted against the motion to surrender.
At the end of the 60 seconds, if 70% of the team has not agreed to surrender, the vote fails and cannot be initiated again for three minutes. If 70% agree to surrender, the game will immediately end in victory for the opposite team.
Note: Alternatively, a player may type /surrender into the chat window to initiate a surrender vote. Once a vote is active players may type /surrender to vote in favor of surrendering, or /nosurrender to vote against surrendering.

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