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Posted by Jindooo on Dienstag, November 01, 2011

Sivir is a powerful carry and pusher, while also offering great support to another physical carry through her ultimate. Sivir can quickly take down towers and is an extremely strong farmer, allowing her to quickly out-farm her enemies, giving her a strong item advantage.

This Sivir guide aims to be a basic and simple introduction on basic strategy that should be adopted when playing Sivir, it is recommended for people just starting to use Sivir.


  • Sivir Fleet of Foot (Passive) A nice passive that promotes moving around as much as possible, especially when laning against a physical damage dealer. It can also help reduce the damage you take from minions when you draw their aggro, which may be the small advantage you need to ensure an early game kill.

  • Sivir Boomerang Blade Your standard offensive ability which packs a long range and strong damage scaling. Once this skill reaches its full range it will return to you, you can change its trajectory by re-positioning yourself.

  • Sivir Ricochet This skill helps turn Sivir into a pushing machine and also gives her some strong area of effect damage in team fights, keep in mind only the first hit applies on hit effects.

  • Sivir Spell Shield This spell is a free Banshee's Veil for Sivir and is a great asset especially in lane. This skill will either result in people not targeting you with spells or donating free mana to you. Getting good at timing this skill is extremely important.

  • Sivir On The Hunt (Ultimate) A massive attack speed and movement speed boost for you and your team, this is great both in team fights, 1v1 situations, chasing, fleeing and destroying towers.

Ability Order

As Sivir you want to level your abilities as shown below:
Ult > Boomerang Blade > Ricochet > Spell Shield

Maxing Boomerang Blade first increases your damage output greatly, it scales well with each rank and only gains a slight increase in mana cost. Spell Shield is very important to take at level 2, allowing you to avoid any harmful spells and regain your mana as needed, depending on your lane you may need to drop a few more points into Spell Shield to reduce its cooldown. Ricochet is a strong choice to max 2nd as it excels in teamfights.


Red (Marks) - Armor Penetration // Attack Damage Per Level
Yellow (Seals) - Mana Regeneration Per Level
Blue (Glyphs) - Magic Resist Per Level
Purple (Quintessences) - Health // Movement Speed // Attack Damage

Armor Penetration marks will provide your auto-attacks with the extra power they need, but attack damage is also very powerful due to its scaling with your Boomerang Blade. Mana Regeneration on Seals is important for mana regeneration and is a great backup for the laning phase if the enemy does not proc your Spell Shield for the mana recovery, it is also great to maintain your mana mid-late game. Health on Quintessences gives Sivir some added survivability early game, ensuring she can farm up as much as possible, but this option is very flexible and you can replace this depending on your playstyle.

Summoner Spells

Best Summoner Spells:

Flash and Teleport are very powerful summoner spells for Sivir, Flash gives you a vital escape skill while Teleport allows Sivir to Teleport to lanes as required, increasing her ability to farm lanes, push towers and protect her own towers from the enemy.

Other Good Summoner Spells:

Exhaust is a good skill if your team lacks Exhausts and is a great physical counter, as well as weakening spell damage, making Sivir deadly in 1v1 situations. Ghost can be used to replace Flash and gives you great mobility to push lanes and chase down enemies with your Boomerang Blade.


Depending on how you play Sivir you can either run her as a 0/9/21 champion or a 0/21/9 if you want strong defenses. I consider the 0/9/21 to be the most optimal.

The defensive tree gives you a small armor and magic resist increase as well as giving the important nimbleness mastery which is a must due to Sivir's passive. While the utility tree gives you better summoner spells, improved experience, increased buff duration, mana regeneration and movement speed.

Item Build

Final Item Build:
-Berserker's Greaves
-Sword of the Divine
-The Bloodthirster
-The Bloodthirster
-Banshee's Veil
-Frozen Mallet

-Start with a Doran's Blade, this provides a nice health boost, life-steal and damage.
-On your first trip back you want to grab Boots of Speed and a B.F. Sword (if you cannot afford it, consider another Doran's Blade).
-Next upgrade your boots to either Berserker's Greaves or Mercury's Treads if the enemy has lots of crowd control.
-From here you'll want to build yourself a Bloodthirster for massive raw attack damage.
-Your next item will depend on your situation, if you are doing well and need more damage build another Bloodthirster and a Sword of the Divine for pure attack speed (critical chance is useless to Sivir, so you do not want a Phantom), if you need survivability look towards Frozen Mallet (giving you a slow and freeing up red buff for someone else) and Banshee's Veil, which effectively gives you a double spell shield.

-Stark's Fervor (If you drop into a more support role, you can offer strong support to an AD)
-Guardian Angel (A nice item to balance out your resistances and give you a free revive)
-Last Whisper (If ricochet is your main damage source, this does not help Boomerang Blade)
-Warmog & Atma's Impaler (If you need to tank up while still being a threat)

General Sivir Tips

  • Don't forget to reposition yourself after casting Boomerang Blade to change its path.
  • Spell Shield has a lengthy cooldown, Its best saved to block disables as opposed to normal spells.
  • Your ultimate works great once a team fight gets going, supporting the physical dps champions in your team while also allowing your team to chase down enemies or flee if needed.
  • Don't forget your ultimate also boosts minion attack speed, helping you eat through towers very quickly.
  • Spell Shield gives Sivir the unique ability to dive in front of skill shots to save her team-mates. You can also bait the enemies disables with it.

Early Game - (Level 1-6)

  • Keep moving to keep your dodge chance up, especially against Ashe, Tristana and other auto-attackers.
  • Don't use your Ricochet yet it will drain your mana heavily.
  • Last hit with your auto-attacks and harass the enemy champion with Boomerang Blade, when you are likely to hit them twice with it.
  • Use shield to regenerate your mana, this is much easier in some lanes than others. The player themselves and the champion they are playing will effect this. If they continue to give you free mana you can harass them more, if they avoid casting spells on you entirely be more careful with your mana pool.

Mid Game - (Level 7-12)

  • Now Sivir starts to become a pushing and farming beast, be careful of over-extending though.
  • Poke the enemies when they line-up with your Boomerang Blade.
  • You can start using Ricochet to farm lanes and harass the enemy team.
  • Red Buff packs a powerful slow and combined with your ultimate will ensure nobody can out run you.

Late Game - (Level 13-18)

  • Push lanes hard with your team, you should also use your Teleport to destroy or save towers.
  • Sivir is great at stopping the enemy advance by destroying the enemy minion waves before they can reach the tower with her Boomerang Blade, this will force one of them to take tower damage if they wish to advance.
  • Always have your Ricochet up for harassment and the extra damage.
  • Focus on landing a good Boomerang Blade in team fights, hitting maximum enemies, then you want to unload as many auto-attacks as you can while also preparing to use Spell Shield to counter a disable. 
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