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Posted by Jindooo on Dienstag, November 01, 2011

Galio is a mage, tank and support character all in one making him an extremely powerful champion. His ultimate is similar to Amumu's and can neutralise a whole team when used correctly.

This Galio guide aims to be a basic and simple introduction on basic strategy that should be adopted when playing Galio, it is recommended for people just starting to use Galio.


  • Galio Runic Skin (Passive) Galio's passive allows him to deal more damage while becoming more resistant to enemy spells. Thus allowing Galio to be a tank and heavy magic dealer.

  • Galio Resolute Smite This is you main offensive ability that also packs a hefty area of effect slow, giving you great team utility. It also allows you to quickly farm minion waves.

  • Galio Bulwark Bulwark can be cast on Galio and allies, it provides a decent amount of armor and magic resistance as well as healing Galio as he (or the ally with Bulwark) is attacked. Bulwark synergises great with his ultimate and adds to Galio's support and tanking ability. Be sure to activate it before using your ultimate or casting your skills as the magic resistance provided from it also increased your damage thanks to your passive.

  • Galio Righteous Gust An easy to hit long range spell that also speeds up allies that travel in the same direction, this move will also aid your farming with Resolute Smite.

  • Galio Idol of Durand (Ultimate) This is Galio's signature move and is a great team fight initiator, you should never waste this on a single champion. You should always be aiming for a minimum of 3 champions late game.

Ability Order

Generally the best way to level your abilities is:
Idol(Ult) > Resolute Smite > Righteous Gust > Bulwark

Resolute Smite is maxed first as it is easy to hit and packs a hefty slow, giving it great utility. For your 2nd skill you can max either Bulwark or Righteous Gust, if you need to tank up quickly and the game is team fight orientated max Bulwark second. Otherwise you can max Righteous Gust to give you great poke damage while also helping you quickly farm minion waves.


Runes for Galio

Red (Marks) - Magic Penetration
Yellow (Seals) - Armor // Mana Regeneration
Blue (Glyphs) - Magic Resistance
Purple (Quintessences) - Flat Health // Movement Speed

Magic penetration on Marks gives your spells an extra kick early game, while Seals will help reduce any physical damage you take, alternatively you can run mana regeneration to help maintain your mana pool. Magic resist on Glyphs are a strong choice as they boost your defenses while also giving you some ability power. Health on Quintessences are a strong choice to boost your starting health pool but you can also run movement speed.

Summoner Spells

Best Summoner Spells:

Flash and Teleport are strong summoner spells when playing as Galio, Flash is simply incredible for setting up his ultimate and is a must have. Teleport is also great for map control and is always a great summoner spell on a tank, it allows you to get to the action when your needed and can be useful for the entire game. It also allows you to rush back to base early and rush your first few items.

Other Good Summoner Spells:

There are two other possible summoner spells for Galio which move him into a supportive role. Clairvoyance can be taken to boost your teams map awareness and is always a strong choice. Alternatively you can grab Exhaust if your team needs some extra crowd control.

Galio Masteries


9/0/21 works well on Galio as your rune setup covers your defensive needs.

As all your damage (apart from auto-attacks) is magic focused so you want to work your way down to the spell penetration mastery in the offense tree. This means you also pick up cooldown reduction and some ability power.

The utility tree offers reduced death timers, improved Teleport, increased experience, improved mana regeneration, movement speed, cooldown reduction and reduced summoner cooldown.

Item Build

Final Item Build:
-Mercury's Treads
-Aegis of the Legion
-Rod of Ages
-Abyssal Scepter
-Banshee's Veil
-Frozen Heart

-Start off with either a Doran's Ring or a Null Magic Mantle & 2 Health Potions if you are going to be in a magic heavy lane.
-When you return to base you want to build your Mercury's Treads while also building towards your Aegis of the Legion.
-From here you'll want to build up your Rod of Ages and Abyssal Scepter which give you great damage output while also making you very durable. Alternatively if the enemy team has lots of interrupts you may want to complete an early Banshee's Veil so that you can use your ultimate more easily.
-Your final item should be a Frozen Heart, which provides lots of cooldown reduction and a nice support aura for your team.

-Guardian Angel (Provides both resistances and allows you to revive).
-Randuin's Omen (Good armor boost with a strong active).
-Rabadon's Deathcap (If you need more damage).
-Sunfire Cape (Provides some armor, health and damage).

General Galio Tips

  • Don't waste your ultimate on 1 opponent, unless it is the enemy carry and they need to be taken out (building stacks for example).
  • You can use Righteous Gust and Resolute Smite to clear entire minions waves mid game, use this to farm up as much as possible.
  • Always make sure you activate Bulwark on yourself before using your ultimate, you can press "ALT + W" to automatically cast it on yourself, or you can set it to "Self + Smart Cast" which will automatically case it on yourself unless your mouse is over an ally.
  • Use Righteous Gust and Resolute Smite to flee chasing enemies, the combined skills will often save your life.

Early Game - (Level 1-6)

  • You are powerful in most lane setups, you mainly want to focus on harassment with Resolute Smite.
  • Be careful with your early game mana costs.
  • Your damage is strongest in the early-mid part of the game. Take advantage of this time to farm and score early kills.

Mid Game - (Level 7-12)

  • Be careful when using your ultimate on more than 2 people, at this mid stage of the game you are unlikely to survive.
  • Try get some free farming time in a side lane, when a team fight starts you can teleport in quickly.
  • Be aware of the situations on the map, you want to be available to join your team as your ultimate can change a team fight. If you go off by yourself have teleport up.

Late Game - (Level 13-18)

  • Your primary use at this stage of the game is to harass and poke the enemies squishes with your long range spells and landing your ultimate in team fights.
  • As you reach full build you are capable of using your ultimate on 4 or 5 people, look for these opportunities.
  • You can clear minion waves instantly with your abilities, making you a powerful pusher. 
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