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Evelynn is one of the few champions in League of Legends that possesses the ability of invisibility. This in itself brings a lot of utility to any team through the ability to scout the map safely. Evelynn is a powerful 1v1 champion and is a capable jungler, making it very difficult for her enemies to track her location, allowing her to roam the map and gank freely.

This Evelynn guide aims to be a basic and simple introduction on basic strategy that should be adopted when playing Evelynn, it is recommended for people just starting to use Evelynn.


  • Evelynn Determined Killer (Passive): Helps to reduce any early game minion aggro that Evelynn draws when ganking an enemy, has minimal use and effectiveness overall though.

  • Evelynn Hate Spike: A nice damage increase which can be cast while moving without slowing Evelynn down, its main use is to proc Sheen/Trinity and to increase your overall damage.

  • Evelynn Shadow Walk: This ability makes Evelynn who she is, invisibility length and slow % increase with each level of this skill.

  • Evelynn Ravage: Packs a great armor and magic resist reduction adding to Evelynn's powerful ganking ability, it also packs strong burst damage both with base damage and its Ability Power scaling.

  • Evelynn Malice and Spite (Ultimate): A very powerful ultimate that provides Evelynn with a massive attack speed and movement speed bonus. The cooldown of this skill refreshes with each enemies death making it very powerful boost to Evelynn's damage and survivability if you can kill enemies in sequence (one after another reasonably quickly).

Ability Order

The way to level your abilities is: Ult > Ravage > Shadow Walk > Hate Spike

Grabbing an early 2 points in Hate Spike is a must to effectively clear the jungle, while 2 points in Shadow Walk is a must for an increased slow and invisibility duration. Once this has been obtained you can start using the skill ordering suggested above. Maxing Ravage first gives you the best burst damage, but if your team lacks crowd control extra points in Shadow Walk may be needed to lock down the enemy for longer. Shadow Walk is generally maxed second as it allows you to scout the map for longer and increase slow % as mentioned before. Hate Spike is maxed last as it offers minimal damage and is mainly used to jungle faster and proc Sheen/Trinity.

1. Hate Spike
2. Shadow Walk
3. Hate Spike
4. Ravage
5. Ravage
6. Malice and Spite
7. Shadow Walk
8. Ravage
9. Ravage
10. Ravage
11. Malice and Spite
12. Shadow Walk
13. Shadow Walk
14. Shadow Walk
15. Hate Spike
16. Malice and Spite
17. Hate Spike
18. Hate Spike


Red (Marks) - Armor Penetration
Yellow (Seals) - Armor
Blue (Glyphs) - Mana
Purple (Quintessences) - Armor

This rune setup is the key to clearing the jungle efficiently as Evelynn. Armor Penetration Marks will ensure your dealing full damage to the jungle minions and boost your damage outside of it. Armor Seals are important in reducing the amount of damage you take in the jungle keeping you at high health during your jungle runs, it is also run on Quintessences to boost this. Mana on Glyphs is important to sustain Evelynn's mana levels in the jungle, helping her clear it quickly by being able to constantly spam Hate Spike.

Summoner Spells

Best Summoner Spells:

Revive and Smite are the best summoner spells for jungle Evelynn as they both dramatically increase her speed in the jungle (See Youtube Video further down this guide.)

Other Good Summoner Spells:

It is possible to jungle without Revive although it slows down your overall speed. As alternatives you can take Flash to get you out of sticky situations and is especially helpful for early-mid game tower diving. Ignite and Exhaust compliment Evelynn's incredible 1v1 potential and can ensure lots of kills that she might not get otherwise. If you decide not to jungle with Evelynn you should take a combination of these 3 alternative summoner spells.


As with runes the mastery setup for Evelynn is about improving her jungling speed and survivability.

Offsense (1)
Pick up Improved Smite for some cooldown reduction and bonus gold.

Defense (16)
Max out increased magic resistance and armor while also placing a point in improved Revive (if you decide to use a Revive jungle run), this gives you some nice early game defenses while also giving you an amazing boost when you use Revive. From here you want to place a single point in Dodge to unlock Tier 3 (place 2 points here if you don't run Revive). Now you can grab reduced minion damage and also Hardened Skin (2 points of a possible 3) to further reduce incoming damage from jungle minions. Max out Veteran Scars to round out this mastery tree for Evelynn.

Utility (13)
In the Utility tree place 3 points into Good Hands and 1 in Perseverance, this will unlock Tier 2 which provides you with bonus experience (very important for jungling) and also allows you to reach the increased buff mastery (also vital for jungling). On Evelynn you also want to max out improved mana regeneration to handle her heavy mana costs, especially early in jungling.

Item Build

Final Item Build:
-Boots of Mobility
-Wriggle's Lantern
-Trinity Force
-Youmuu's Ghostblade
-Banshee's Veil
-Hextech Gunblade

-Start with 2 Health Potions, a Ward and a Cloth Armor, assuming you do the revive jungle run shown in the YouTube video you only need 2 health potions for your initial run, the ward will protect the entrance to Blue Golem after you Revive (will inform you of incoming ganks or let you know if somebody tries to steal it before you get to it)
-First trip back you want to complete your Madred's Razors which will massively improved your jungle speed.
-From here you'll want to pick up Boots of Mobility to give you great map control and allow you to roam more quickly. Also finishing your Wriggle's Lantern for the life-steal and free ward, making you self-sufficient when clearing jungle (no need for potions).
-Your final core item is Sheen which synergises extremely well with Hate Spike as mentioned previously.
-From here you will either want to build a Trinity Force straight away to boost your damage output further, otherwise you will want to grab a Banshee's Veil for the defenses it provides (and the all important spell block).
-Youmuu's Ghostblade is your next strong choice, as it provides several powerful stats for Evelynn (armor penetration, cooldown reduction, attack speed), using the active just before you jump on an enemy will also increase your overall damage output greatly.
-As a final item you want to look at a Hextech Gunblade, this provides solid life-steal and spell-vamp to keep you in the fight as well as boosting all forms of damage that you deal (giving you more burst through Ravage, but also more consistent damage through Hate Spike and auto-attacks).
-If the game goes really late you can sell your Wriggle's Lantern for a Madred's Bloodrazor or a Black Cleaver

-Black Cleaver (A solid AD boost, with armor reduction and some attack speed.)
-Madred's Bloodrazor (Great to compliment your massive attack speed with 4% health damage that is magical)
-Guardian Angel (A nice defensive item, Evelynn can pull of this item very well thanks to her ultimate's healing effect)

General Evelynn Tips

  • Oracles and wards do not shut Evelynn down completely (she turns into a melee DPS character with a solid slow). But you must adjust your playstyle accordingly (less scouting, jungle invading).
  • Always use Q when fighting an enemy for the Sheen proc.
  • Invisibility is a great asset to the team, you always want to be around your allies, scouting out the surroundings looking for an enemy out of position or spotting enemy gank attempts.
  • Keep a mental track of where you think your enemies currently are, this becomes vital when they have one or two champions with an Oracles as you must avoid them at all costs.
  • Scout out the surrounding area before you decide to jump on an enemy because they are alone, their allies might just be closer than you think.
  • Always activate your ultimate before someone dies, as the cooldown refreshes.
  • When chasing down enemies, don't forget to enter Shadow Walk, this way when you (or your team) catch up to them you will be able to slow them and hopefully guarantee a kill.
  • Don't always instantly run away if you get low, back away from the fight and use Shadow Walk, your slow and ultimate mean you still have alot of potential use.
  • An easy way to detect wards is to run up to the enemy minions (be in front of yours), if they aggro too you then there is a ward in the area.
  • Play close attention to the timer on Shadow Walk when activated, you don't want to break invisibility at the wrong moment.

Early Game - Level 1-6

  • Start at Wolves but watch the inlet to your forest from river, when the wolves spawn use your ward on the entrance to your Blue Golem and head down to kill the wolves. From here proceed to the Wraith and smite the big one, move along to the mini-golems and kill them both, now you want to suicide at the Red Lizard Camp. Upon death, top up your potions (5 is a good choice) and grab 2 mana pots, proceed to Revive and do a Blue > Wolves > Wraith > Red > Gank/Mini Golems jungle route.
  • While completing your jungle route you are free to look at around the map, look out for potential early ganks, also observe the lane match-ups (which lanes have some stuns/snares).
  • Try not to gank till after red as your slow will become incredibly deadly. Of course if an earlier gank presents itself take the opportunity.
  • Try to avoid ganking enemies with Flash, concentrate on the non-Flash enemies to secure some early game kills. If you have no other choice, then making them waste Flash frees up a future gank.
  • If an enemy places a ward to try counter you, get your allies to point out its exact location, so you know which area in particular you want to avoid.

Mid Game - Level 7-12

  • Evelynn's invisibility makes her a great counter jungler as she can easily invade the jungle, get out if she attacks someone or ward it for future.
  • If the enemy has no oracle yet then you want to push lanes really hard and use Shadow Walk to escape when enemies come to push the lane back, this will quickly result in a massive farm and level advantage. It also forces your enemies to potentially lose experience and gold to the tower and keeps them busy defending.
  • If there is an oracle up at this stage of the game, you can still do what is recommended above, but use wards to warn you of enemies incoming with the oracle elixir.
  • You are a very strong tower diver during the middle stages of the game (Flash helps alot), don't try to dive people with stuns though, the tower does reveal you.
  • Keep dragon warded with your free ward from Wriggle's Lantern.

Late Game - 13-18

  • In late game team fights let your team initiate, while you wait off to the side jumping on the enemy carry or support as they get out of position.
  • While not team fighting constantly scout out the area for your allies, if your enemies have an Oracle's Elixir this will be limited.
  • Move the ward provided from Wriggle's Lantern to Baron Nashor.
  • Shadow Walk is now long enough duration to constantly be invisible , this will ensure you are always ready to slow and can freely move around the map. 
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