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Posted by Jindooo on Dienstag, November 01, 2011

Urgot is a powerful damage dealer, he specialises in a strong early game and then settles into a tanky anti-carry role end game. Urgot has one of the largest attack ranges in the game once he has locked onto his target and is a great anti-carry with his ability to swap an enemy of his choosing.

This Urgot guide aims to be a basic and simple introduction on basic strategy that should be adopted when playing Urgot, it is recommended for people just starting to use Urgot.


  • Urgot Zaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter (Passive) Urgot's passive helps make him a strong 1v1 champion early game and is also very effective throughout the entire game. By targeting the enemy damage dealers constantly in team fights Urgot can very effectively reduce a large proportion of incoming damage to both him and his team.

  • Urgot Acid Hunter Acid Hunter has an amazing range when locked on. It also features strong base damage and powerful scaling, supporting Urgot's powerful early game dominance. It is also a powerful ability when it is not locked on, combined with its low cooldown it makes a great auto-attack replacement.

  • Urgot Terror Capacitor) Provides Urgot with a free Frozen Mallet making him very hard to escape from or catch up too, it also boosts his defensive capabilities.

  • Urgot Noxian Corrosive Charge This skills primary use is to lock on to your enemy target allowing you to land Acid Hunter regardless of their range from Urgot. This skill also has a great armor reducing effect that can help your team immensely in team fights if you can hit several enemies.

  • Urgot Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverser (Ultimate) This skill helps Urgot fulfil an anti-carry type role if required. This skill is great to suppress enemies, prevent them from escaping or ensure a successful gank. It is also great at interrupting channelled abilities for your team, easily turning fights into your favour.

Ability Order

Generally the best way to level your abilities is:
Ult > Acid Hunter > Noxian Corrosive Charge > Terror Capacitor

Acid Hunter is your main form of damage and thus is maxed first to increase its based damage. Taking Noxian Corrosive Charge at level 2 allows you to lock onto your target to harass them with your range advantage. Terror Capacitor is taken at level 4 as it provides you with a powerful slow and protective shield. If you are doing well then Noxian Corrosive Charge should be maxed second, if you need to tank up quickly then max Terror Capacitor.


Red (Marks) - Armor Penetration
Yellow (Seals) - Armor // Mana Regeneration
Blue (Glyphs) - Magic Resistance
Purple (Quintessences) - Armor Penetration // Health // Movement Speed

Running armor penetration on Quintessences and Marks helps Urgot to dominate the early game, allowing him to deal massive damage to his lane opponent. Depending on your mana usage early game you can run armor or mana regeneration on Seals. While Glyphs are best run magic resistance. This setup gives Urgot great damage output as well as some early game durability. Depending on your playstyle you can run Health or Movement Speed on Quintessences instead.

Summoner Spells

Best Summoner Spells:

Urgot is a slow champion and has no escape abilities, making Flash and Ghost very important for him allowing him to position himself for his ultimate or to escape from enemy ganks.

Other Good Summoner Spells:

Once you are confident at playing Urgot and being able to position yourself correctly you can swap out either Ghost or Flash for Exhaust or Ignite, Exhaust is a great counter to both physical and magic damage and can give Urgot a strong edge in 1v1 fights. Ignite is also very powerful at picking up early game kills, complimenting Urgot's already powerful early game.


Urgot needs to be durable so a 0/21/9 setup is very effective.

The defensive tree offers Urgot armor and magic resistance boosts, strong health regeneration (thanks to Manamune and Strength of Spirit), reduced incoming damage and a nice starting health boost.

In the utility tree you want to grab improved ghost, reduced death timers, increased experience and some extra mana regeneration.

If you take Exhaust, take a point out of the utility tree and grab improved Exhaust.

Item Build

Final Item Build:
-Mercury's Treads
-Banshee's Veil
-Frozen Heart
-The Bloodthirster
-Last Whisper

-The best starting option for Urgot is a Meki Pendant + Health Potions, this allows a quick Tear and gives you lots of mana regeneration for harassment.
-First trip back Boots of Speed and Tear of the Goddess are a priority.
-Next upgrading your boots to Mercury's Treads and finishing your Manamune is best.
-A solid mid-game item to finish Urgot's core items is a The Brutalizer, this offers everything you need (attack damage, cooldown and armor penetration).
-From here it will depend on the game, if you need to beef up you want to grab a Banshee's Veil or a Froze Heart depending on what resistance you need, these also provide some AD as they both offer mana.
-Or if you need more damage look towards a Bloodthirster and a Last Whisper

-Guardian Angel (Offers magic resistance and armor).
-2nd Bloodthirster (More raw damage).
-Randuin's Omen (Good armor boost with a strong active).

General Urgot Tips

  • Always be aware of your positioning, Urgot lacks solid escapes.
  • Let your team know who your priority ultimate target is, team-speak/ventrilo/skype helps with this but game chat is more than sufficient.
  • Urgot has very powerful early game harassment as a 1v1 champion, he is capable of completely shutting down the enemies carry (either mid lane or solo top).
  • Try your best to hit your grenade away from minions, this will make it much easier to ensure you lock on to the enemy champions as opposed to accidentally targeting minions (will happen alot when you first play Urgot).
  • Don't forget that Urgot's ultimate suppresses the target for a few seconds, this is often enough to score the kill on an enemy with team mates.

Early Game - (Level 1-6)

  • Early game your main goal is to land your Noxian Corrosive Charge and then follow it up with Acid Hunter, forcing the enemy to retreat missing out on last hits and experience.
  • After hitting Noxian Corrosive Charge you should be able to get a minimum of 2 Acid Hunters on the enemy, up to 3.
  • If your Noxian Corrosive Charge misses its target, focus on last hits and positioning yourself away from enemy skill shots until its off cooldown.
  • Don't forget that Terror Capacitor has a strong slowly effect, you can use it ensure you can hit 3 Acid Hunters and several auto-attacks.

Mid Game - (Level 7-12)

  • Urgot's ultimate is very powerful at swapping enemies into the tower if it is getting pushed.
  • Urgot is great at the 2v2 and 3v3 fights that take place during the middle stages of the game, try to hit your Noxian Corrosive Charge against numerous enemies to weaken their defences and then use Acid Hunter to force one of them to retreat.
  • Use Noxian Corrosive Charge to poke the enemy, keeping their armor down for your team-mates to poke and harass them.
  • Flash and ultimate combo is very strong for ganking enemies during this stage of the game.

Late Game - (Level 13-18)

  • Continue to poke with your grenade, hitting as many targets as possible.
  • Always have your shield up, the damage mitigation and slowing effect may be the difference between life and death.
  • Noxian Corrosive Charge reveals Baron and bushes, making it a great scouting tool.
  • If the enemy team has a carry doing extremely well you can play Urgot solely as an anti-carry. Swap them out the second they over-extend and let your team fight 4v4.
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