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Posted by Jindooo on Dienstag, November 01, 2011

Blitzcrank is a powerful off-tank with great interrupt abilities, he is also a very fun champion to play and can be a great annoyance to play against (and fun to play as). Blitzcrank excels at catching enemies off guard with his Rocket Grab ability and has great speed thanks to the free speed-up on his Overdrive

This Blitzcrank guide aims to be a basic and simple introduction on basic strategy that should be adopted when playing Blitzcrank, it is recommended for people just starting to use Blitzcrank.


  • Blitzcrank Mana Barrier (Passive) Blitzcrank's passive will save you alot early game and is great to bait the enemy champions in, only discover you've still got an extra 200-300 health thanks to your passive. This passive also gives Blitzcrank a reason to focus on mana based items.

  • Blitzcrank Rocket Grab Blitzcrank's signature move, which allows you to pick people off. You can use it to pull people into your team, an allied tower and even through walls. You must get good at hitting this skill shot if you want to be a successful Blitzcrank player.

  • Blitzcrank Overdrive This ability provides a free speed boost and with full cooldown can nearly always be active. It is great for putting some hurt on towers, catching up to enemies or fleeing from danger.

  • Blitzcrank Power Fist Another one of Blitzcrank's interrupt abilities which is extremely easy to use. It is very powerful combined with Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab and Static Field.

  • Blitzcrank Static Field (Ultimate) Blitzcrank's ultimate is a massive area of effect with a low cooldown and a silencing aspect. The timing of this ability in a team fight can drastically change its result.

Ability Order

Generally the best way to level your abilities is:
(Ult) > Power Fist > Overdrive > Rocket Grab

Rocket Grab is a must have at level 1 as it allows you to invade the enemy jungle or catch someone off guard in lane. Maxing Power Fist first is your best bet as it reduces its cooldown greatly. Secondly you want to grab your Overdrive to increase the movement speed and attack speed buff. This leaves Rocket Grab to be maxed last.


Red (Marks) - Armor Penetration
Yellow (Seals) - Mana Regeneration // Armor
Blue (Glyphs) - Cooldown Reduction // Magic Resistance
Purple (Quintessences) - Health // Movement Speed

Armor Penetration Marks increase Blitzcrank's damage output early game hopefully ensuring you and your partner a kill. Mana regeneration on Seals provide any early mana regeneration you nee but you can also run Armor. Cooldown Reduction Glyphs allow you to use your skills more often to disable an enemy or speed yourself up. Flat Health on Quintessences gives Blitzcrank a powerful chunk of starting health, but you can also run movement speed.

Summoner Spells

Best Summoner Spells:

Flash and Clairvoyance are two strong summoner spells for Blitzcrank, Flash gives you a strong escape skill as you already have a built in Ghost skill through Overdrive. Flash can also be used to Flash into the enemy team and using Static Field, causing strong damage and silencing the whole enemy team. While Clairvoyance gives your team great map control and also allows you to Clairvoyance over walls for surprise Rocket Grabs.

Other Good Summoner Spells:

Blitzcrank is very versatile in his summoner spells, he can take an Exhaust or Teleport to fill a hole in his teams summoner spells. Exhaust offers an extra form of crowd control while Teleport increases your teams map control.


A 0/9/21setup is perfect for Blitzcrank.

The defensive tree boosts your early game defences while also providing you increased health regeneration based on your mana. Since mana is a core focus for Blitzcrank it will provide you with a strong amount of sustainability in lane.

The utility tree offers Blitzcrank reduced death timers, increased experience, improved gold, mana regeneration, movement speed and improved summoner spells.

Item Build

Final Item Build:
-Mercury's Treads
-Aegis of the Legion
-Trinity Force
-Banshee's Veil
-Frozen Heart

-Start off with a Mana Crystal & 2 Health Potions, this gives you some sustain and also allows you to rush an early Tear.
-First trip back you want to build your Mercury's Treads, also grab a Tear of Goddess.
-Your final core item Sheen, which has great synergy with Blitzcrank's ability.
-From here you want to start building up your resistances. Aegis of the Legion is a strong choice as it also offers great bonuses for your team.
-For other defensive items you want to consider Frozen Heart and Banshee's Veil, as these also provide you with mana.
-If you require more damage output you want to look at a Trinity Force and a Manamune.

-Guardian Angel (A good final item if the enemy team is very balanced)
-Force of Nature (A massive magic resistance boost)
-Randuin's Omen (A strong active ability that also increases your armor)

General Blitzcrank Gameplay Tips

  • Blitzcrank has very powerful interrupts, use them to protect your team.
  • Blitzcrank is best partnered with a snare/stun or someone with nuke capabilities during the laning phase.
  • Always target the enemy carry or support with your Rocket Grab, it will result in certain death for them.
  • The combo of Rocket Grab > Power Fist > Static Field is very deadly against a single opponent.
  • If the enemy is using minions to block Rocket Grab, you can use Overdrive and Power Fist to disable them, using Rocket Grab and your ultimate as they run away.

Early Game - (Level 1-6)

  • Conserve mana for Rocket Grabs that will result in kills or heavy damage to the enemy. Pulling the enemy in when your partner is away from lane or they are not in position will result in a large amount of wasted mana.
  • Mana shield can help you bait enemies into over committing.
  • Focus on landing solid Rocket Grab > Power Fist combos on the enemy, grabbing as many last hits as possible in between.
  • Blitzcrank has a strong advantage when the enemy pushes you back towards your tower.

Mid Game - (Level 7-12)

  • Focus on disabling the enemy carry (or whoever else had a strong early game) you can shut them down quite easily.
  • You should begin farming minion waves with your ultimate.
  • Blitzcrank is great at pushing and defending towers thanks to his free speed boost from Overdrive.

Late Game - (Level 13-18)

  • Keep your focus on the enemy carry or support, you can easily take them out of the fight.
  • The silence on Blitzcrank's ultimate can devastate multiple enemies, use it when you are surrounded by several enemies for maximum effectiveness.
  • Use Power Fist and your ultimate to stop any enemies using channelled ultimates, these are very deadly late game (Katarina, Fiddlesticks etc.)
  • Be aware of who has a Banshee's Veil, this can disrupt your standard combo. 
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