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LoL Replay

With this you can use the official not existing replay function. The programm records in the backround all games and save it to a ~5mb big file, which you can see later. More infromation here.

Jax Uploader, LoLBase und RiotStats
Who wished to see statistics to games that are some time ago has now a solution: LoLBase. Here you can upload your logs and the site creates a profil with e.g. count of your deaths, played matches, won gold and also detailed statistics to each match. Afterwards you can create a permanently updated signature. Unfortunatly the site is currently not developed anymore. RiotStats is a new alternative, which doesn't display so much information, but for that more interesting information e.g. how often achampion was played from all players, which champion got the highest Win/Loss ratio, but also for singl accounts e.g. which champion you played best. Who don't want to upload after every match a log can now use the JaxUploader from Riotstats which uploads the logs autmatically after every exit of LoL.

If you don't want to buy skins for real money can either get custom skins or use the official ones. But how? The program SkinSelect can do that. But the skin is just displayed on your own computer, so if you want to boast you still have to pay real money.

LoL Plugin
You are last hitting while an opponent leave your lane or you sometimes don't notice a miss from a mate? Then this program is made for you. With this you can send chat messages via keypress and it plays sounds for specially messages. So if someone writes "ss top" a voice immediatly says "Top miss" and his message appears in the middle of your screen. Just copy the content of the archive into your league of legends folder, start the program once and set it up. Now it will automatically start when you are in the loading screen. If you can read polish or automatically translated english, then you can take a look at the official website. But there are sometimes bugs for me.

"One autohit and he is dead! .. Fuck, I clicked on the HUD and missed **** "
Who ever thought this should get skinLoL fast, because with this tool you can move elements of he HUD. .NET Framework 4 is all you need for that tool.

Yaric, Yet Another Recommended Items Customizer
Did you ever played a new champion and you had to look every 5 minutes on your guide in the browser for the next item? Or do you not want to look through all menues if you want to buy something? If yes, then I would get Yaric, because with Yaric can you change the recommended items of each champion. Only disadvantage is that you have to redo every changing after a new patch. For more information take a look at the link above.

AutoLoL & Masteries Changer
Do you want to change your masteries fast in the champion selection and the time is not enough to do that or you don't know the masteries for all your champions? If you said yes, you should try AutoLoL. This tool can you also auto login in LoL and show you all skins and models. If you don't need these special functions you could try Masteries Changer. If you can't read german, here is the actual download link. To add masteries just click at 'Show Masteries', enter your masteries at the website, click on 'Make this a link to share', copy the number in the URL and paste it in 'Create Profile'. Now you have never problems with masteries anymore.

Jungle Timers
If you dont want to calculate after every blue buff the respawntime or if you just miss it, trying Jungle Timers would help you a lot. It counts beside blue buff also the red, Dragon and Baron and if they are to respawn, it makes a sound.

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